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Parvarrish (Tamil - NILAVE MALARE) primarily revolves around two families who are relatives: the Ahluwalias and the Ahujas. It focuses on the troubles they go through in bringing up their children and the lessons they learn from these experiences.

Sweety Ahluwalia is very strict with her children, Rocky and Ginny, to the point where they get frustrated with her and secretly rebel. Although she constantly scolds them and complains about their studies, she considers them her life. With her supportive husband Lucky Singh, she tries to provide them with the best she can.

On the other hand, Sweety's sister, Pinky Ahuja, wants to take care of her children by being friends with them. However, her overreacting nature often suffocates her kids and creates problems in the relationship she shares with them. She often finds a supportive friend in her caring and loving husband Jeet. 

Nilave Malare is a story of how the families overcome their differences and learn to get through the ups and downs of life together.

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