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Flag of Afghanistan

21 November

The national flag of Afghanistan (Pashto: د افغانستان رپی; Dari Persian: پرچم افغانستان)[1] consists of a vertical tricolor with the classical National Emblem in the center. The current flag was adopted on August 19, 2013, but many similar designs had been in use throughout most of the 20th century.

The black color represents its troubled 19th century history as a protected state, the red color represents the blood of those who fought for independence (specifically, the Anglo-Afghan Treaty of 1919), and the green represents hope and prosperity for the future.

Afghanistan has had 26 different flags since the first flag when the Hotaki dynasty was established in 1709. During the 20th century alone, Afghanistan went through 19 different national flags, more than any other country during that time period, and most of them had the colors black, red, and green on them.

Flag of Afghanistan

Capital City kabul
Design Formation August 19, 2013
Population 2019 36,670,950
Currency Afghan Afghani
Land/Area 652,230 km2 (251,830 sq mi)
Highest Point Noshaq (7,492 m (24,580 ft))
GDP(per capita) 585.85 USD (2017)
Country Code AF(2 Digit ISO and 3 Digit ISO)
Dialling/Calling Code +93
Internet TLD .af
By Continents Asia
By Alphabet Order A
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