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Flag of Angola

22 November

The national flag of Angola came into use at when Angola gained independence on November 11, 1975. It is split horizontally into an upper red half and a lower black half with an emblem resting at the center. It features a yellow half gear wheel crossed by a machete and crowned with a star.

The Angolan flag is based on the flag of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), which fought Portuguese colonial rule and emerged as the ruling party of Angola following the Angolan Civil War. The MPLA flag is similar to the flag of Angola but features a star in place of the central emblem.

The National Flag of the Republic of Angola has two horizontal bands of red and black with the Machete and Gear Emblem in gold in the center consisted of a five pointed-star within a half gear wheel crossed by a machete (resembling the hammer and sickle used on the Soviet flag). As outlined in the Constitution of Angola, the red half of the flag signifies bloodshed during Angola's independence struggle, and the black half symbolizes Africa. In the central emblem, the gear represents industrial workers, the machete represents peasantry and the star is shaped like the red star, symbolized socialism. The flag is most recently described and explained in article 162 of the Constitutional Law of the Republic of Angola (Constitution) of August 25, 1992.

Flag of Angola

Capital City Luanda
Design Formation 11 November, 1975
Population 2019 31,136,392 (November, 2018)
Currency angolan kwanza (AOA)
Land/Area 1,246,620 km2 (481,321 sq mi)
Highest Point Mount Moco - 2,620 metres (8,600 ft)
GDP(per capita) 4,170.31 USD (2017)
Country Code AO (AGO)(2 Digit ISO and 3 Digit ISO)
Dialling/Calling Code +244
Internet TLD .ao
By Continents Africa
By Alphabet Order A
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