State officials release video to demonstrate how the technology assisted in the multi-jurisdiction manhunt.
The New Hampshire State Police is releasing the FLIR video taken by the State Police helicopter during the early morning hours of Saturday, December 31st, of suspect Ryan Broulliard being taken into custody by the Central New Hampshire Special Operations Unit at 190 Manchester Street in Concord, NH.
The FLIR video is being released to demonstrate how this piece of technology assisted in the multijurisdictional, three day investigation that culminated in the successful apprehension of Mr. Broulliard.
The New Hampshire State Police would like to thank all of the law enforcement partners who worked collaboratively with determination to bring about a safe and effective arrest.
Hudson N.H. Police Department, New Hampshire Trooper’s Association Wrote:
“Outstanding job by the members of the Central New Hampshire Special Operations Unit and New Hampshire State Police taking a dangerous subject into custody without incident.
These tools and technology available to use not only keep our community safe when used properly, but our officers who put themselves in harms way everyday!”



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