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List of North American Currencies and Symbols | North American Currency Encyclopedia

Country / Territory Currency



Anguilla (UK) East Caribbean dollar XCD
Antigua and Barbuda East Caribbean dollar XCD
Aruba (Netherlands) Aruban florin AWG
Bahamas Bahamian dollar BSD
Barbados Barbadian dollar BBD
Belize Belize dollar BZD
Bermuda (UK) Bermudian dollar BMD
Bonaire (Netherlands) United States dollar USD
British Virgin Islands (UK) United States dollar USD
Canada Canadian dollar CAD
Caribbean Netherlands (Netherlands) United States dollar USD
Cayman Islands (UK) Cayman Islands dollar KYD
Costa Rica Costa Rican colon CRC
Cuba Cuban peso CUP
Curacao (Netherlands) Netherlands Antillean guilder ANG
Dominica East Caribbean dollar XCD
Dominican Republic Dominican peso DOP
El Salvador United States dollar USD
Greenland (Denmark) Danish krone DKK
Grenada East Caribbean dollar XCD
Guadeloupe (France) European euro EUR
Guatemala Guatemalan quetzal GTQ
Haiti Haitian gourde HTG
Honduras Honduran lempira HNL
Jamaica Jamaican dollar JMD
Martinique (France) European euro EUR
Mexico Mexican peso MXN
Montserrat (UK) East Caribbean dollar XCD
Nicaragua Nicaraguan cordoba NIO
Panama United States dollar USD
Puerto Rico (USA) United States dollar USD
Saba (Netherlands) United States dollar USD
Saint Barthelemy (France) European euro EUR
Saint Kitts and Nevis East Caribbean dollar XCD
Saint Lucia East Caribbean dollar XCD
Saint Martin (France) European euro EUR
Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France) European euro EUR
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines East Caribbean dollar XCD
Sint Eustatius (Netherlands) United States dollar USD
Sint Maarten (Netherlands) Netherlands Antillean guilder ANG
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago dollar TTD
Turks and Caicos Islands (UK) United States dollar USD
United States of America United States dollar USD
US Virgin Islands (USA) United States dollar USD
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