Brazil – A thief died after suffering a heart attack while robbing a drugstore on Avenida Renata, Vila Formosa (eastern district), at about 9.30 pm on Wednesday (28). One couple was arrested and another suspect was able to escape.

According to the Civil Police, the four suspects arrived at the scene and announced the robbery. At the moment there were few people. They took the money from the cashier and a cell phone from a client.
A witness who was passing by noticed the robbery and warned the police that they were in a nearby car.

Before the gang left the pharmacy, the police arrived, but a 19-year-old boy, a 20-year-old girl, and a third suspect were able to run.
The couple was arrested in the sequence, still on Avenida Renata. The other suspect was able to escape.

When the police returned to the store, they find Rafael Henrique Silva dos Santos, 23, lying close to the cashier. The victims reported that he did not say anything and collapsed.

According to police, with the couple were found two toy guns. The suspect also had $ 696. The young woman was carrying cell phones and $ 499. All objects and money were returned to the victims.



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