Ten Dirty Jokes In Popular Kids Shows You Never Noticed (cartoons)

By this point, we definitely know that not all animated TV shows are for kids as there are many cartoons specifically designed for adults to enjoy. That being said, the cartoons on this left definitely qualify as kids shows and that’s why it’s all the more shocking that each and every one of them feature some rather adult and downright dirty moments. Let us know which dirty TV show moments shock you the most and what other ones you know about and before you take off make sure you subscribe to CBR for more fun content – every single day! Here are 10 Dirty Jokes In Popular Kids Shows You Never Noticed

Spongebob Square Pants
Hey Arnold
Fairly Odd Parents
Jimmy Neutron
The Spectacular Spider-Man
The Powerpuff Girls
The Flintstones
Justice League
Dexter Laboratory

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