Failure is always an option. - Adam Savage Quotes
Quote:Failure is always an option. - Adam Savage Quotes

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  'Catch-22' was a huge failure, and it rubbed off on everybody connected to it. I had a bunch of lean years where I had to do things, a lot of which I wasn't wildly enthusiastic about. - Alan Arkin Quotes soni 0 18 09-15-2017, 10:54 AM
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  Failure is enriching. It's also important to accept that you'll make mistakes-it's how you build your expertise. The trick is to learn a positive lesson from all of life's negative moments. - Alain Ducasse Quotes soni 0 12 09-13-2017, 09:33 PM
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  The only possible way to begin a book is to tell oneself that its eventual failure is guaranteed — but survivable. - Alain de Botton Quotes soni 0 17 09-12-2017, 07:37 AM
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  Bad architecture is in the end as much a failure of psychology as of design. It is an example expressed through materials of the same tendencies... - Alain de Botton Quotes soni 0 20 09-11-2017, 07:40 AM
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  There is always the option of being emotionally lazy, that is, of quoting. - Alain de Botton Quotes soni 0 13 09-08-2017, 08:43 PM
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