Shocking: 4-Year-Old Girl Run For Her Life As Gunmen Fire Shots Inside Barber Shop, Arizona

Little girl almost killed in Drive-by SHOOTING, Arizona
A four-year-old girl had to run for cover after a gunman opened fire on the barber shop she was playing in. Terrifying surveillance footage shows the youngster ducking and fleeing from the window after a barrage of bullets hit the storefront in Chandler, Arizona. Police believe the two men behind the shooting tried to hit the tattoo parlor next door, but missed. A man leaving the Damaged Ink Tattoo parlor in Chandler on Monday allegedly fired at least three rounds from a firearm toward the tattoo shop, that went astray, according to a statement from Detective Seth Tyler. Two of the bullets allegedly fired by Michael David Hart, 23, hit the front window of the neighboring barbershop, where a four-year-old girl was watching television.

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