Lying rumours do not penetrate farther than our ears. - Aeschines Quotes
Quote:Lying rumours do not penetrate farther than our ears. - Aeschines Quotes

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  It seems farther away now because there are no rockets getting there. Nobody is going. - Alan Bean Quotes soni 0 17 09-19-2017, 10:44 PM
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  There's more coming tomorrow than there was today. Quite a few people coming from Ottawa to watch. There were still a lot of people out there today. Some coming from farther tomorrow. - Alaine Chartrand Quotes soni 0 8 09-15-2017, 10:28 AM
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  The best crime novels are all based on people keeping secrets. All lying - you may think a lie is harmless, but you put them all together and there's a calamity. - Alafair Burke Quotes soni 0 11 09-05-2017, 09:53 PM
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  Declare your jihad on thirteen enemies you cannot see - Egoism, Arrogance, Conceit, Selfishness, Greed, Lust, Intolerance, Anger, Lying, Cheating, Gossiping and Slandering... - Al-Ghazali Quotes soni 0 10 09-01-2017, 05:39 PM
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  The real barrier (to building a brand) is the human mind. It normally takes decades to build a brand because it takes decades to penetrate the gray matter in between your ears. - Al Ries Quotes soni 0 13 08-26-2017, 07:27 AM
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