We shall perish by guile just as we slew. - Aeschylus Quotes
Quote:We shall perish by guile just as we slew. - Aeschylus Quotes

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  They recite their sacred books, although the fact informs me that these are a fiction from first to last. O Reason, thou (alone) speakest the truth. Then perish the fools who forged the religious traditions or interpreted them! - Al-Maʿarri Quotes soni 0 32 09-02-2017, 10:40 AM
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  The old cross slew men; the new cross entertains them. The old cross condemned; the new cross amuses. The old cross destroyed confidence in the flesh; the new cross encourages it. - Aiden Wilson Tozer Quotes soni 0 17 07-17-2017, 05:03 PM
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  Oh, it is easy for the one who stands outside the prison-wall of pain to exhort and teach the one who suffers. - Aeschylus Quotes soni 0 46 06-07-2017, 10:47 PM
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  He hears but half who hears one party only. - Aeschylus Quotes soni 0 37 06-07-2017, 10:46 PM
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  For mortal kind taketh thought only for the day, and hath no more surety than the shadow of smoke. - Aeschylus Quotes soni 0 31 06-07-2017, 10:45 PM
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