Do not attempt too much at once. - Aesop Quotes
Quote:Do not attempt too much at once. - Aesop Quotes

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  My writing always came out of a very personal place, out of an attempt to stay sane. - Alain de Botton Quotes soni 0 13 09-09-2017, 10:47 AM
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  It is a confession of the weakness of our own faith in the righteousness of our cause when we attempt to suppress by law those who do not agree with us. - Al Smith Quotes soni 0 14 08-27-2017, 06:59 AM
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  Philosophy is an attempt by man to find cause and effect. Religion has the same goal - Al Goldstein Quotes soni 0 16 08-13-2017, 07:41 AM
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  He who does not attempt to make peace / When small discords arise, / Is like the bee's hive which leaks drops of honey / Soon, the whole hive collapses. - Akkineni Nagarjuna Quotes soni 0 17 08-06-2017, 08:57 PM
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  A Christian should put away all defense and make no attempt to excuse himself either in his own eyes or before the Lord... - Aiden Wilson Tozer Quotes soni 0 15 07-23-2017, 10:49 PM
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