Destroy the seed of evil, or it will grow up to your ruin. - Aesop Quotes
Quote:Destroy the seed of evil, or it will grow up to your ruin. - Aesop Quotes

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  As I have said for many years throughout this land, we're borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Persian Gulf to burn it in ways that destroy the future of human civilization. Every bit of that has to change. - Al Gore Quotes soni 0 13 08-13-2017, 04:26 PM
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  Grown-up love means actually understanding what you love, taking the good with the bad and helping your loved one grow. Love takes attention and work and is the best thing in the world. - Al Franken Quotes soni 0 10 08-11-2017, 10:23 PM
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  During the Reagan Administration, Bob Dole was present at a ceremony that included each living ex-president. Looking at a tableau of Ford, Carter and Nixon, Dole said, 'There they are: Hear No Evil, See No Evil and Evil.' - Al Franken Quotes soni 0 1 08-11-2017, 10:16 PM
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  The root of any film project for me is this inner need to express something. What nurtures this root and makes it grow into a tree is the script. What makes the tree bear flowers and fruit is the directing. - Akira Kurosawa Quotes soni 0 11 08-05-2017, 09:46 PM
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  People today have forgotten they're really just a part of nature. Yet, they destroy the nature on which our lives depend... - Akira Kurosawa Quotes soni 0 13 08-05-2017, 04:47 PM
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