Nothing is more permanent than the temporary. - A. E. Stallings Quotes
Quote:Nothing is more permanent than the temporary. - A. E. Stallings Quotes

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  Each sporadic burst of work, each minor success and disappointment, each moment of calm and relaxation, seemed merely a temporary halt... - Al Alvarez Quotes soni 0 8 08-07-2017, 07:09 PM
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  That which arises dependent on something is not in the least that thing, neither is it different from it. Therefore, it is neither permanent or nothing. - Akkineni Nagarjuna Quotes soni 0 9 08-06-2017, 08:53 PM
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  You only have temporary curiosity, amusement, and challenges, but that does not necessarily mean you are really convinced... - Ai Weiwei Quotes soni 0 19 07-03-2017, 12:57 PM
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  The idea of a permanent U.S. military presence in Afghanistan, as opposed to an economic presence, is going to create a new wave of hostility toward the United States. - Ahmed Rashid Quotes soni 0 11 06-28-2017, 12:07 PM
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  Colonialism is known in its primitive form, that is to say, by the permanent settling of repressive foreign powers, with an army, services, policies... - Ahmed Ben Bella Quotes soni 0 29 06-26-2017, 08:48 AM
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