Vote early and vote often. - Al Capone Quotes
Quote:Vote early and vote often. - Al Capone Quotes

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  Francis Ford Coppola did this early on. You tape a movie, like a radio show, and you have the narrator read all the stage directions... - Al Pacino Quotes soni 0 6 9 hours ago
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  It's never really that much fun for me to do movies anyway, because you - you know, you have to get up very early in the morning and you have to go in and you spend a lot of time waiting around. - Al Pacino Quotes soni 0 2 Today, 07:05 AM
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  Failure's relative. I've always felt, even early on, if I lose the freedom to fail, something's not right about that. It's how you treat failure, too... - Al Pacino Quotes soni 0 3 Today, 06:54 AM
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  There is only one way of surviving all the early heartbreaks in this business. You must have a sense of humor... - Al Pacino Quotes soni 0 4 Yesterday, 10:14 PM
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  Pitches are like pages of a book; they're so important. The chess game; how I set you up early, and how I'll do it differently later. - Al Leiter Quotes soni 0 13 08-21-2017, 06:59 AM
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