(FULL VIDEO) Man Gets Kicked Off Delta Plane Because He Used The Bathroom Before Takeoff

FULL VIDEO: Delta throws a passenger off a plane because he used the bathroom during a 30-minute delay on the tarmac in latest PR nightmare for US airlines Kima Hamilton was booked to fly from Atlanta to Milwaukee for work on April 18 The 39-year-old used the bathroom during a delay because he 'couldn't hold it' After doing so, he was told he had to get off the plane because he broke protocol Eventually the plane was forced back to its gate and all passengers had to get off

Delta is the latest airline to come under fire after video emerged showing a passenger being told he had to get off a plane because he used the bathroom during a tarmac delay.
Kima Hamilton, a 39-year-old 'DJ and poet' was due to travel on Delta Airlines Flight 2035 from Atlanta to Milwaukee on April 18.
Unfortunately for all aboard the flight, they were delayed while waiting on the tarmac for about 30 minutes. During that hold-up, Hamilton needed to go to the bathroom. At one point, he stood up from his seat and walked to the back of the plane, then asked a flight attendant if he could duck in and relieve himself, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports. Kima Hamilton was filmed being kicked off a Delta flight last month because he used the bathroom during a delay on the tarmac. The attendant said no, telling the 39-year-old they would 'lose their place in line', if he did, according to the newspaper. Defeated and unrelieved, Hamilton returned to his seat. But as the delay continued and the plane remained stranded on the tarmac, Hamilton's need to go grew stronger. Fearing an 'accident' in his seat, the 39-year-old got back up and walked to the restroom at plane's rear. He went in, flushed, and returned to his seat in about a minute.But as Hamilton was sitting back down and buckling his seat belt, he claimed the flight crew made an announcement over the intercom. 'The pilot came on and said, 'Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry for the inconvenience but we have to return to the gate and remove a passenger',' he told the Journal-Sentinel.

'It escalated to that point that fast.'
Footage of what happened next was posted online by Krista Rosolino - another passenger who was sat across the aisle from Hamilton with her husband, Mike, and their infant daughter. In the first of two videos, Hamilton is heard saying to what appears to be an airline official: 'Can you help me understand why… I need more information, I haven't done anything.' The official then says: 'We'll discuss this outside, not here. Come with me please. We're not going to discuss this here.' Hamilton continues: 'I'm not really clear… I purchased this ticket, I had an emergency and needed to pee, I tried to hold it the first time and I absolutely couldn't, and now I'm being kicked off the plane? I haven't done anything hostile.' The back-and-forth continued for about three minutes, before the official walked down the aisle and exited the plane. 'I have done nothing,' Hamilton is heard saying, before another passenger was heard agreeing there was no need to boot him from the aircraft. But things took a turbulent turn from there.
The second video shows another man on the plane, stood in the aisle talking to Hamilton. The 39-year-old continued to explain his desperate need to get to the bathroom, and that he needed to get to Milwaukee to help run a fieldtrip with '94 sixth graders'. The second official, who had kneeled down to listen to Hamilton, was seen laughing in a good natured manner at the comment, before nodding seemingly in an understanding manner.
The official then is heard saying: 'Let me just explain, basically any time we are about to take off – for your safety, and for everyone's safety – we need you seated, that's the bottom line. 'I understand you had an emergency and I'm glad you were able to take care of that, however, there's always protocol. 'Because you were the person, I'm not saying who 'caused' the flight to lose its place in line, that's why we need to talk to you about it.
'This is not one of those scenarios where we are going to force you off the plane or anything, but because we are inconveniencing everyone right now, that's why someone came to ask you to leave, and I need you to follow me up to the front desk, that's all.'
'You're kicking me off the plane, I need you to be direct with that language, because this whole "let's get off and talk" thing isn't true,' Hamilton said back, before the official replied. 'I'm trying to be 100 per cent, I'm saying because we had to move the plane out of rotation and we need to head back to the gate, we need to see what the reason is… more people are involved than just us right now,' he said. 'I don't understand why I have to get off this plane though, I mean, I had to use the restroom?' Hamilton then asked again.

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