And a wheat thin the size of Lake Tahoe. - Aaron Sorkin Quotes
Quote:And a wheat thin the size of Lake Tahoe. - Aaron Sorkin Quotes

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  The entire North Polar ice cap is disappearing before our very eyes. It's been the size of the continental United States for the last 3 million years and now 40 percent is gone and the rest of it is going. - Al Gore Quotes soni 0 15 08-13-2017, 04:28 PM
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  I often went entire days without speaking - unable to get a word in over my inner taskmaster, who never shut up: “You fat, disgusting slob, you'll never be thin enough, good enough, smart enough, tough or talented enough. - Aimee Liu Quotes soni 0 11 07-26-2017, 04:01 PM
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  Save me from the error of judging a church by its size, popularity or the amount of its yearly offerings. - Aiden Wilson Tozer Quotes soni 0 13 07-21-2017, 06:48 AM
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  Religion has accepted the monstrous heresy that noise, size, activity and bluster make a man dear to God. - Aiden Wilson Tozer Quotes soni 0 16 07-14-2017, 07:14 AM
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  Rooms are a fixed size, which can't be altered without pulling down walls and building new ones. They should be unchanging in shape and proportions. But sometimes they do change depending on who's in them. - Aidan Chambers Quotes soni 0 17 07-11-2017, 11:14 PM
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