Terrifying Moment large Cargo Ship Hits And Sinks Boat in Nicaraguan river

This is the terrifying moment a large cargo ship rams into and sinks a smaller boat in the middle of a river.
The clip taken from the smaller boat Capitan D shows a larger cargo ship, the Jan Caribe, heading towards it in the river Escondido, in the Mahagani sector of the southern Nicaraguan region of Caribe Sur. The Jan Caribe’s horn blasts but it is too late to avoid a collision. The scene judders as the Jan Caribe strikes. People are seen running to the other side of the boat and people are heard praying: "Please Lord, help us." A view over the side reveals the large bulbous bow on the front of the Jan Caribe has pierced the Capitan D. A second film shot from the riverbank shortly afterwards shows the Capitan D sinking beneath the muddy water. It lost all its cargo but all passengers and crew were rescued and there were no injuries. The Jan Caribe was dented but still watertight. Officials say the Jan Caribe started its trip in El Bluff on the eastern coast of Nicaragua at around 8.30am with ten crew members, three passengers and a cargo of 674,632 tonnes of cargo, heading for El Rama upriver. The Capitan D started its trip at around 10.30am in the port of El Rama with 11 members of crew and 30 passengers, and a load of 16.14 tonnes of cargo. It was travelling to the port of Bluefields on the eastern coast. Local merchant navy boss Jose Berrios said: "The important thing is that there are no victims, we are going to investigate the accident in order to find out who is responsible." Passengers and crew were transferred to the port of El Rama.
An investigation into the crash is ongoing.

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