Florida Police Neglected The Cry For Help From A Female 3 Hours Before Her Boyfriend Shot And Killed Her
Quote:Florida police told a mother to stop calling 911 just three hours before her boyfriend took out an AK-47 and killed her and her eight-year-old son
Police told a woman to 'stop calling 911' just hours before she was shot dead by her boyfriend, who also killed her eight-year-old son  
Allen D. Cashe, 31, opened fire at the home of his girlfriend in Sanford, Florida Monday morning 
He killed his girlfriend, LaTina Herring and wounded her father and her two sons, seven-year-old Brendon and eight-year-old Brandon
He then went to a second location where he shot two innocent bystanders
Grandfather and sons are in critical condition while the bystanders are stable 
Cashe was taken into custody after an off-duty officer heard gunshots and spotted him 

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