Actress Destroys Producers Car Over A Nude Scene

An angry actress smashed up a movie producer's Mercedes with a golf club after he included erotic scenes of her in a new film which were not supposed to make the cut. Sivi Makhmoudi, an actress and popular singer from Kazakhstan, attacked the luxury car of Renat Basit, one of the co-producers of her new movie, Blind Love. The shocking scene, on a busy road in the Kazakh city of Almaty, was caught on camera by an eyewitness with a smartphone and the footage is proving popular on social media and video-sharing websites. And while some netizens thought that the whole thing was a stunt to promote the film, others pointed out that Ms Makhmoudi's rage appeared genuine. The blonde star is seen screaming abuse at Mr Basit who stays behind the wheel of his car as she uses the golf club on it. The producer tries to drive off to get away from the angry actress but she stands in the way and starts smashing the windows.
She tries but fails to smash the windscreen but has better luck with the side windows, smashing out the driver's side window and making a hole in the rear side window. Ms Makhmoudi also demolished a side mirror before stomping off, getting into her own Lexus car and driving off, leaving Mr Basit to survey the damage to his Mercedes. Ardakti Ertsibaeva, a spokeswoman for the movie, said: "The conflict between the two happened due to the movie. "Renat Basit allowed parts of the movie that were banned by Ms Makhmoudi before it went out to retailers. She hadn’t seen the final version and it's too late to change things now." Reportedly the scenes allowed by Basit included some erotic scenes featuring Ms Makhmoudi. But some netizens suggested that the whole row was nothing but a PR stunt. ‘Danielle Rumora’ said: "Why would a grown woman with an established position do something that cheap in broad daylight? I don’t believe them." And ‘Anton Kulikov’ added: "Show us some more action baby."

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