People Are Seriously Pissed With Kendell Jenner's New "Protest" Pepsi Ad

Kendall Jenner on Tuesday became the first model since Cindy Crawford in 1992 to have her own global advertising campaign for Pepsi. Unfortunately for Jenner, what was likely meant to be a day of celebration quickly turned problematic as people from all political spectrums rejected the advertisement for its theme, which is essentially, "Pepsi can stop protests and create peace." The ad is set around a protest march that Kendall Jenner happens to see as she poses for a photoshoot with a blonde wig on. Then inspired by her desire for equality and, her love of Pepsi, Kendell rips off her wig and heads outside to join the rally. Social media has given a lot of push back after the commercial was released and believe the commercial was in bad taste.

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