To be is to stand for. - Abraham Joshua Heschel Quotes
Quote:To be is to stand for. - Abraham Joshua Heschel Quotes

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  Someone who expresses a view that is contrary to the view of the overwhelming majority should be allowed to stand undisturbed as a monument to our commitment to free speech. - Al Gore Quotes soni 0 1 08-18-2017, 10:08 PM
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  The global environment crisis is, as we say in Tennessee, real as rain, and I cannot stand the thought of leaving my children with a degraded earth and a diminished future. - Al Gore Quotes soni 0 5 08-14-2017, 10:18 PM
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  My dad always told me to stand up to bullies, and Bill O'Reilly is kind of a bully, and he's the kind of kid who hits other kids on the playground... - Al Franken Quotes soni 0 11 08-12-2017, 06:31 AM
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  We owe an historic debt to American Indians. They have a unique set of concerns that haven't been addressed, and I'd like to stand with them. Also, I'd like to get their views on immigration. - Al Franken Quotes soni 0 11 08-10-2017, 07:33 PM
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  I do not hold God ransom to my success; whatever is his will is my way. I stand by moments; I do not stand by time. - Akshay Kumar Quotes soni 0 12 08-07-2017, 07:28 PM
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