Kardell Thomas,330-Pound Man LSU Football Commit Anchoring his school's 4X100M track team
Quote:A LSU committed offensive line prospect from Baton Rouge’s Southern University Lab School, Thomas weighs in at 330 pounds and 6-feet-4. He is a very, very large teenager, and is so overpowering on a football field — and a dining table — that he’s earned the nickname “Mr. Pancacke.” All of that is well and good until you see Thomas run the anchor leg on a 4×100-meter relay, and do so with stunning speed and confidence.

Once you’ve seen it, there’s no going back. That’s Thomas positively motoring down the backstretch, then having the confidence — or temerity — to look as he closes the race out as if he’s pulling away.

Of course, Thomas wasn’t pulling away, he was technically falling behind an oncoming freight train of an opponent in the inside lane. What he does accomplish is holding off all the other challengers, with University Lab’s heavyset relay squad finishing an astonishing second place in a 4×100 relay race.

That Thomas could run that fast over 100 meters is one of the most astounding and enjoyable things to witness in recent high school track memory. Thomas is fast for a normal human being, let alone one who weighs in at 330 pounds.

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330-pound OL Kardell Thomas runs anchor leg in 4x100 relay

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