Indian Villagers Throw Cow Dung At Each Other For 'Good Health'

In a bizarre custom, thousands of people from two different groups in an Indian village waged a war against each other by throwing cow dung cakes for 'good health'.
A day after Ugadi festivities- the local spring festival every year, Kairuppala village in Andhra Pradesh in southern India resounds with the thwack and tang of flying cow dung.
Horde of people gather and participate in the 'Pidakala War' or cow-dung cake- a symbolic war over a mythological marriage dispute. The custom started long ago when Lord Veerabhadraswamy, a fearsome form of the Hindu god Shiva wanted to marry Goddess Bhadrakali but there was opposition to the wedding and it led to a dispute. Back then, the choice of weapon of the people from Goddess Badhrakali’s side was cow dung cakes. During the battle, one group of the fighters throw cow dung in the name of Goddess and the others do so in the name of the Lord.

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