Money has no moral opinions. - Abraham Polonsky Quotes
Quote:Money has no moral opinions. - Abraham Polonsky Quotes

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  I did a concert at five years old in the garden of one of the church members, and we raised some money to buy a new piano in our little church. - Al Jarreau Quotes soni 0 5 08-19-2017, 11:10 PM
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  The opening-night audience is mostly friends of the cast and backers of the show, and they cometo applaud their money. - Al Hirschfeld Quotes soni 0 11 08-19-2017, 07:08 AM
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  There are people who are genuinely upset in the Tea Party. I understand that. But that movement was funded with seed money... - Al Gore Quotes soni 0 11 08-18-2017, 10:27 PM
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  I am a passionate advocate of getting special interest money out of politics. - Al Gore Quotes soni 0 5 08-18-2017, 10:15 PM
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  I'm a big fan of Bitcoin ... Regulation of money supply needs to be depoliticized. - Al Gore Quotes soni 0 3 08-18-2017, 09:46 PM
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