The function, what a nice form! - Achille Castiglioni Quotes
Quote:The function, what a nice form! - Achille Castiglioni Quotes

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  To play Trivial Pursuit with a life like mine could be said to be a form of homeopathy. - Alan Bennett Quotes soni 0 21 09-22-2017, 10:32 AM
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  Art comes out of art; it begins with imitation, often in the form of parody, and it's in the process of imitating the voice of others that one comes to learn the sound of one's own. - Alan Bennett Quotes soni 0 11 09-22-2017, 10:27 AM
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  I don't really worry about the size of the part much any more. It's nice to have more time to work on the character, and to have big scenes to play... - Alan Alda Quotes soni 0 20 09-18-2017, 09:27 PM
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  Sometimes doing the forbidden can be nice. - Alain Robert Quotes soni 0 16 09-14-2017, 12:47 PM
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  There cannot be any communication except through form. If there is no form, you cannot create emotion in the spectator. - Alain Resnais Quotes soni 0 8 09-14-2017, 12:31 PM
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