Everything comes to the man who won't wait. - Ada Leverson Quotes
Quote:Everything comes to the man who won't wait. - Ada Leverson Quotes

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  That's a bit like asking a man crawling across the Sahara whether he would prefer Perrier or Malvern water. - Alan Bennett Quotes soni 0 15 09-22-2017, 10:26 AM
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  My own belief is that people can come back from anything. It doesn't mean that it won't come at a huge cost. - Alan Ball Quotes soni 0 20 09-21-2017, 11:39 PM
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  I do not believe that defending traditional marriage between one man and one woman excludes anybody or usurps anybody's civil rights and denies anybody their civil rights. - Alan Autry Quotes soni 0 9 09-19-2017, 10:11 PM
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  Being mystified is a good beginning, because you won't do what you've done before. - Alan Alda Quotes soni 0 18 09-18-2017, 09:32 PM
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  If you don't listen deeply, the connection won't take place.... [You have to be] willing to be changed by the person you're listening to... - Alan Alda Quotes soni 0 12 09-18-2017, 09:23 PM
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