Figure out what to do, then take a nap. - Adam Carolla Quotes
Quote:Figure out what to do, then take a nap. - Adam Carolla Quotes

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  It's not an epitaph. I felt I could look back at my life and get a good story out of it. It's a picture of somebody trying to figure things out. I'm not trying to create some impression about myself. That doesn't interest me. - Alan Alda Quotes soni 0 18 09-17-2017, 11:21 PM
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  Two-thirds of American movies are extensions of commercials -- they tell you how to feel and they tell you how to think -- rather than letting you figure it out on your own. - Alan Arkin Quotes soni 0 20 09-15-2017, 10:59 AM
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  I do a lot of different things, sometimes at the same time, and it's very difficult to figure out where I fit. - Al Yankovic Quotes soni 0 16 08-31-2017, 10:21 PM
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  When I had independence, it was a constant battle within me to figure out when am I on my own. And also the insecurity that my life engendered,... - Al Jaffee Quotes soni 0 10 08-19-2017, 10:34 PM
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  I'm still trying to figure out exactly what President Trump represents in American politics. But, if nothing else, he represents a way for tens... - Al Gore Quotes soni 0 10 08-16-2017, 07:26 AM
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