All we have is our vote. But it's powerful. - Adam McKay Quotes
Quote:All we have is our vote. But it's powerful. - Adam McKay Quotes

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  I think vampires are a timeless powerful archetype that can tap into people's psyches. - Alan Ball Quotes soni 0 11 09-21-2017, 11:36 PM
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  I think people want to get married to end their emotional uncertainty. In a way, they want to end powerful feelings, or certainly the negative ones. - Alain de Botton Quotes soni 0 18 09-08-2017, 08:40 PM
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  I have always made commercial music. The people who vote for the Grammy nominees are mostly in their 40s and have other jobs or are musicians themselves. They like music that they can relate to - they like commercial music. - Al Walser Quotes soni 0 6 08-30-2017, 06:38 AM
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  We need an amendment that gives us the right to vote protected by the federal government and the Constitution. - Al Sharpton Quotes soni 0 6 08-28-2017, 06:46 AM
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  If you can build a powerful brand, you will have a powerful marketing program. If you CAN'T then all the advertising... - Al Ries Quotes soni 0 12 08-26-2017, 07:27 AM
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